Day 19: Jason needs a family!

Our Goal is to raise $500 for Jason… $359 to go!

JasonJason lives in a remote institution for severely mentally and physically handicapped children. He spends most of his time confined to his crib. “Jason” hits himself, causing injury to his face and head, so he is often physically restrained. He is delayed both mentally and physically. He can crawl but not walk, although I have been told that he is learning to walk with support. Jason is nine but functions on the mental level of a toddler.  Jason is being advocated for by Daneille.  She shares her story below…

Jason 2

“My name is Daneille, and I am the lucky mom of three children: one biological and two adopted from Ethiopia. Both of my kids who were adopted have special medical needs, so I have always had a heart for kids with special needs. Last spring, a friend of mine invited me to donate to a child on Reece’s Rainbow for her baby shower, and that is how I became involved in advocating for the children there. I created a blog called The Wonder of Boys, and I wrote about a child on Reece’s Rainbow named Jason.

I connected with an advocacy group called Maya’s Hope that works to improve the conditions of Jason’s institution, and through them and a group in his country that Maya’s Hope works with, I was able to see more pictures and video not only of Jason but of the other children who reside in the institution. I fell in love with these children, and I have made a commitment to travel to the institution this summer to volunteer. Jason is a truly amazing child who perseveres despite his physical and mental delays. His laugh is infectious, and he has a lot of love to give. With the proper care and medical treatment, therapies and education, his potential is sky-high.

I am happy to share photos and videos as well as all the information I have about Jason with anyone who is interested in learning more about him. Please join me in helping this little guy, who has such a small adoption grant and such a big need for a family!

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Below is our daily devotion on fasting. Go here to learn more about our devotion and Lenten journey.


Our Daily Lenten Devotion

Fasting Rule 17: See it through God’s eyes.

Daily Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 16

Weekly Memory Verse: Colossians 3:1-4

To Samuel it was, how long will you grieve over Saul?  Today the question might be, how long will you grieve over your team losing in the playoffs?  How long will you grieve over losing the election?  How long will you grieve over being on a tight budget…. Maybe even how long will you grieve over fasting!  I know I have fallen into that trap in the last couple of weeks!  When I read this passage in college, it first struck me as totally uncompassionate of God to chastise a man for grieving.  He was even grieving over something that was truly a sign of evil in the world; Israel’s King had fallen – I think there is a good reason to grieve!

But God is not chastising Samuel for mourning a rightfully bad situation.  He is chastising him for dwelling in his feelings of grief, rather than conforming his mind to be like the mind of God.  God was ready to bless Israel with an even greater gift, King David.  Not only would he be a good king after God’s own heart, but King David’s lineage would give us the Savior of the world.  This is Good News!  God was ready to put the next phase of His plan into action and here, the man He called to be His tool in this, was just sitting and sulking.  His heart was not fully tuned in to the heart of God, so He could not effectively accomplish the good works God had in store for him to do.

How often do our hearts sit and grieve, even while we do other things?  So often our hearts are turned not where they need to be.  We pout, sulk, grieve and do any number of unhelpful things, even as we “do” the work God has given us.  But are we doing that work to the best of our ability when our hearts are grumbling?  There are times when God’s heart is broken, but it’s not when your president loses the election… and it’s not when you are a little uncomfortable from not having enough food in your belly.  There are actual tragedies in the world.  Grieve those things, but do not even remain in your sadness.  Instead turn your grief into something beautiful, turn it into the good that God has prepared for you to do.

Daily Challenge: Do you and God rejoice and grieve in the same things?  What are some practical ways we can turn grief into good?

2 thoughts on “Day 19: Jason needs a family!

  1. Reblogged this on trippingdifferently and commented:
    Today at Forty to Forever we are pulling together for Jason. Jason who lives in a remote institute for severely mentally and physically handicapped children. Jason who needs a family so badly. Would you please help?
    Today’s Lent devotion speaks about grieving and not remaining in our grief but to turn our hearts toward God and allow Him to bring good from our grief; to do the good work He has for us. Have a read and think about it… syc

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